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Lice Happens is the premier mobile head lice removal company in Boston, MA. You can rely on our in-home lice treatment and nit removal service to help rid your family of lice. We utilize only safe, pesticide free products. Our meticulous combing process is proven to be the most effective method for removing lice and nits. We guarantee that you will be successful with our expert treatment for lice and nits.

Lice Happens head lice removal service in the greater Boston area includes but is not limited to the following locations. If you’re wondering whether you live in a community that we service, please give us a call at 617.515.0051. Our mobile head lice removal service in the greater Boston area is available 7 days a week.

Are you or your loved ones suffering from a lice outbreak? Have you tried over-the-counter remedies to only have the lice return? We’re Lice Happens, a professional and mobile lice removal clinic that will come to your home to help you get rid of lice with just one visit. We ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all families we provide services to and we don’t take being invited into your home for granted. We’re here to help.

We were founded in 2009 and we have been helping families in Lexington, MA overcome head lice for a long time. Nobody is to blame for a lice infestation, unfortunately it happens! Children are the most susceptible to getting lice, but screenings for the entire family are essential to ensuring that the life cycle of the lice is ended. Our highly trained and experienced specialists know just what it takes to get lice out of your life for good!

When we arrive to your home, we will be in a logo-free vehicle. Our mobile clinic comes stocked with everything we need to get rid of head lice. We begin treatments by screening each member of the household, caregivers included. The next steps to treatment include a topical solution and combing through the hair.

The treatments we use to remove lice from the hair are 100% natural, safe, and effective. They are made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and pesticide free ingredients. Over-the-counter remedies are becoming less and less effective as lice adapt and become resistant to the pesticides and chemicals in these treatments. Oftentimes we hear from parents that they have tried multiple over-the-counter treatments and have no success. In addition to being ineffective, these treatments are harsh on skin, harmful, and expensive. Our treatments have no side effects and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Once treatment is applied, the specialist will use soothing and comfortable combing techniques to remove eggs (nits), nymphs (young lice), and lice from the hair. Our specialists go through extensive training to learn the proper way to use these combs and combing techniques. However, they will also teach you, as parents or caregivers, how to use the combs so you can provide follow up care or combing in the future (should a lice outbreak affect your family again).

In addition to teaching proper combing techniques, our specialists also teach parents how to screen for head lice. It is easy to mistake hair follicles, dandruff, and gobs of hairspray for head lice. Proper screening and detection is important for an easier and more comfortable lice removal process. We also dispel any myths associated with head lice, providing families with facts about who gets lice, how they spread, how to care for the home after an infestation, and many other topics. Our experts will also give your family tips on how to prevent head lice from affecting you and your loved ones again. All of this education combined with our treatment and removal services ensures that the life cycle of lice is ended, allowing you and your family to get back to your lives in Lexington!

Lice Happens is here to serve families in Lexington, MA 7 days a week. We offer both emergency lice removal services as well as appointments.

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