Things To Do -Newton

With its quiet neighborhoods, safe atmosphere, and the multitude of tourist attractions, Newton is arguably the nicest city in Massachusetts. Like all great places to experience, Newton is most enjoyable when you have your trip planned out. Below are a few of the greatest points of interest to help you with that. Lice Happens proudly serves the Newton area.

Jackson Homestead – Jackson Homestead, also known as the Newton History Museum, is held in high regard by many tourists. One main reason for this is the fact that the Jackson Homestead was one of the stops used by slaves traveling the underground railroad. It was constructed back in 1806 as a simple farmhouse but now is the home to many historical paintings, artifacts, and attire.

The Emerald Necklace -The Emerald Necklace is a massive chain of parks and waterways. Construction started in 1860, and the park is still incomplete. The chain consists of over 1100 park acres and is a very popular tourist attraction in Newton. While it is located in the city of Boston, the commute is well worth it. The name derives from the positioning of the attraction. It appears to hang from the Boston peninsula just as a necklace would. The trail is approximately 7 miles by foot in entirety.

Beautiful Roads in Newton – Like most suburban cities, Newton has a variety of beautiful roads for tourists to enjoy. These include Valentine St., Lake Ave., Sumner St., Chestnut St., Concord St., Dudley Rd., Highland St., Brookside Ave, Hobart Rd., Waban Ave., Fuller St., and Hammond St.

Bullough’s Pond -Bullough’s Pond is a beautiful and historical point of interest in Newton. In the past, it served as a mill pond and site for a commercial ice company. It now serves as a popular attraction for bird watchers and ice skaters in the winter. It was also used in the 2008 movie The Women starring Meg Ryan, and Annette Bening.

Norumbega Park – Norumbega Park used to be a famous amusement park in Newton. The “Totem Pole” Ballroom was a prominent attraction for popular band tours to stop and perform. The amusement park offered visitors rides, a penny arcade, restaurants, a zoo, and a theater. The park closed in 1963 and the ballroom shortly after in 1964.

Crystal Lake – The Crystal Lake in Newton is mostly surrounded by private homes but does include a small swimming area for the public. The lake also features a bathhouse for visitors. It is 33 acres in size and used to serve as an ice harvesting site for a commercial ice harvester in the 19th century.