Things To Do – Boston

Boston may be the historical city known for its historical involvement in the American Revolution, but it is so much more than that. It is a hub of activity for people with all types of interests. Below you will find some of the best activities that Boston has to offer.  Lice Happens is located in this area as well.

The Freedom Trail– A Historical Walking Tour
Begin your time in historical Boston with a historical, self guided tour. The tour begins in America’s oldest public park- the Boston common- and passes through various historical areas that were key in the success of the American Revolution. Two and a half miles later, the tour comes to an end at the well known Bunker Hill Monument.
133 Federal Street, Boston

Boston Duck Tours– Less Walking, More Quacking
If you prefer to ride in style, you will definitely want to get on board the world famous duck tours. These tours combine humor and education, all aboard a vehicle that operates both on land and in water. The vehicles themselves are historical as well; they are re-purposed from old World War II amphibious vehicles. The tours go all over Boston, showing you all of the best sites.
1 Science Park, Boston

Fenway Park– A Rowdy Good Time
Indulge yourself in the inspiring world of Boston area sports at historical Fenway park. You will need to make sure to buy tickets early; the Red Sox sell out more frequently than most other baseball teams. The hype around the park is well worth the planning, though. There are no greater, more enthusiastic sports fans in the world. Just make sure not to wear your Yankees hat, and definitely get yourself one of Fenway’s world famous hotdogs.
4 Yawkey Way, Boston

The Boston Pops– Sophisticated Symphonies
For something a bit more refined than the raucousness at Fenway, you’ll definitely want to check out the Boston Pops symphony orchestra at Symphony Hall. These seasoned professionals offer a variety of programs and themes, so you can visit multiple times a year and never have the same experience twice.
301 Massachusetts Ave, Boston

Whale Watching- A Day You’ll Never Forget
The enormous size and beauty of whales never ceases to excite and inspire those of all ages. When seen with the remarkable Boston backdrop, the sight only gets better. Get aboard one of these large boats with your friends and family, and let the professional boater bring you to their favorite, most reliable places for whale sightings.
1069 Massachusetts Ave, Boston