Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity

I’m grateful for the opportunity to join the Lice Happens team. I appreciate the flexibility my job offers me as I pursue my nursing degree.

Being a Lice Treatment Specialist is also a great outlet for me to express my passion for helping people in need and making them feel at ease. I’m able to do much more as a matter of fact – educate and train, and reintroduce smiles and laughter back into a home that was in crisis mode when I arrived. Nothing feels better than leaving a family with hugs!

I really enjoy working for this great company and I can’t wait to help you!


      Annapolis, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity

      I admit it… I am a nitpicker! I mean, I am now. I didn’t used to be.

      My kids had lice several years ago and after trying unsuccessfully to get rid of it myself, I called Lice Happens. They calmed me down over the phone and were able to fit me in the next day to accommodate my schedule. I was delighted when they didn’t show up with a huge rotating louse on the top of the car or t-shirts that said LICE HAPPENS as they strolled up my walkway- very discreet!

      I was amazed by the process, the education, the hands-on training, and even the laughter throughout the visit. Consequently, I found myself actually enjoying picking through my girl’s hair on a regular basis.

      Recently I thought to myself, “hmmm… maybe I could put my picking habit into good use by helping other families?” So, here I am, a thoroughly trained and certified Lice Treatment Specialist and subject matter expert. Come to think of it, that makes me more than a nitpicker – and I’m proud of it!

          Jacqueline (Jacki)

          Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland and vicinity

          My past experience as a licensed cosmetologist and the skills I gained as a hairstylist are a natural fit for the Lice Happens team. I wanted to make a valuable contribution to my community, and when I discovered how great the need for head lice removal services was in Delaware, I contacted Lice Happens. I had read about their focus on education and empowerment, and their dedication to the highest quality service using only eco-friendly products, and was thrilled to find that they matched my personal philosophy.
          I am looking forward to helping families and school communities in Delaware with professional, all-natural head lice treatment services for years to come!


              Fairfield County, Connecticut and vicinity

              My passion for helping people and bringing joy into their lives led me into a satisfying career as an independent Travel Consultant, and now into my new venture as a Lice Treatment Specialist. When I learned about the services of Lice Happens, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this company in a desire to provide their services to families in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


                  Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and vicinity

                  I took my background as a teacher, joined it with my interest in parasitology as a Veterinary Technician, and mixed it with my love of helping others to become a head lice treatment specialist at Lice Happens.
                  Lice Happens focus on education is something I whole-heartedly support, as the myths about head lice continue to persist. Also, the non-toxic treatment offers peace of mind to all of us concerned by the less safe options that are available.
                  I hope to help families in the Triangle area let go of the worry, stress, and shame that comes with a head lice infestation. When I leave your home after a visit, your life can go back to normal– you will be empowered with the tools and knowledge to guarantee continued success!


                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and vicinity

                      I have never felt like a “hero” in a job before until working for Lice Happens. There is something extremely gratifying about swooping into homes to save the day and leaving the families with knowledge and empowerment to handle a little parasite which can cause such a disruption in everyday life.


                          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and vicinity

                          In-home professional lice treatment service Philadelphia, Main Line, PA
                          It is very rewarding, as i am teaching and encouraging these families, to see their anxiety melt away. I love talking with the children- they sometimes ask the best questions!


                              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and vicinity

                              When MJ Eckert, my college roommate, told me she was starting Lice Happens, I immediately knew this was a service I wanted to offer to the families in my area (Philadelphia and Southern NJ).
                              I completely appreciated the value of this service, after battling head lice with my own daughter and hearing horror stories from parents throughout my years as a youth lacrosse coach, field hockey referee, and Girl Scout leader.
                              As an Environmental Scientist, I fully embrace Lice Happens’ non-toxic, eco-friendly, and pesticide-free approach to head lice removal!


                                  Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity

                                  About 3 years ago, I had the pleasure (??) of having Lice Happens come to my home and my experience was fantastic. I recommended them to all of my friends and found myself examining my neighbor’s heads along with their kids since I was the “resident expert”. When I found out that Lice Happens was hiring, I knew that was the job for me!
                                  I relish the opportunity to educate Northern Virginian families about lice…there is too much misinformation circulating and I love to watch the relief on a mom’s face when she realizes that her house is NOT infested! Meeting new people, being able to help them manage a highly stressful situation and leaving them with peace of mind makes this job so worthwhile. I truly believe in this company and after we help you get rid of your worst nightmare, you will too!!


                                      Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity

                                      After years of teaching I switched careers and moved to the medical field. After a while, I realized I really missed being around children everyday. I knew something had to change but I wasn’t sure how to change it for the better. Then, I found Lice Happens.

                                      Being a specialist is my dream job and I didn’t even know I was dreaming it! Every day I am able to work with children and their parents. I love that Lice Happens shares similar goals with me, in particular, helping families in need and lightening their burden.

                                      I feel very blessed to hold my position as a Lice Treatment Specialist for Lice Happens and I look forward to helping more families in the future.